This pre-assessment will enable you to assess at a high-level your company's coverage of the corporate social responsibility basics.

The "pre-assessment" is only a sample test of the full assessment we conduct online through or in person as part of our advisory services.

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Responsible Gaming

{{answer_55152375}}, let's start with a few sample questions around the research that your company does around "Responsible Gaming".

{{answer_55152375}}, is your company sponsoring or supporting credible, independent academic research on the impact of your games on society? *

{{answer_55152375}}, is there evidence that your company is participating in programmes which advance the understanding of problem gambling or underage play? *

Is there evidence that your company incorporates research findings into its strategic business decisions on a regular and timely basis? *

Employee training

Are ALL your employees (at least annually), provided with training on responsible gaming? *

Do you provide specific responsible gaming training to employees who are directly in contact with players (and if applicable, retailers)? *


Do you measure the effectiveness of your responsible gaming training? *

ie. does it improve decision-making of your employees in their job and personal lives regarding responsible gaming.

Development of games

Do you measure the risk level of your games before their launch? *

ie. looking at attractiveness to vulnerable, speed of games, ...

Do you assess the impact of your games on society, post launch? *


Do you sell your products in retail?

Responsible gaming and retailers

How many retailers do you have in your network?

Are all your retailers (AND their staff) provided with annual training on excessive play and underage play prevention? *


Do you know an estimate of the problem gambling prevalence in your retail network? *

Retailers and staff

Do you sell your products online?

Responsible gaming online

Select all the features that players have access to when playing on your site

Do you use any behaviour analytics to provide individual messaging and actions related to responsible gaming? *


Advertising, marketing and communications

Select all the adverts that your company would NOT be comfortable using *

Have any of your adverts or communications ever been banned by the advertising regulator? *


Support to treatment agencies

Do you voluntarily provide funding to treatment agencies? *


Do you have a volunteering program for your employees specifically supporting treatment agencies? *


Public and player education

Do you proactively communicate about responsible gaming / positive play on all the same channels where you promote your games? *


{{answer_55152375}}, let's look at a few questions related to Corporate Social Responsibility.

As a reminder, these are only sample questions to assess at a high-level how you fare on CSR practices. Full assessment is available through our software and services. Contact us:
Stakeholder mapping and engagement

Does your company map the environmental and social issues stakeholders are concerned about? *


Reporting and communications on CSR gaps, strategy and activities

Does your company publicly share information on its social and environmental performance? *



Is the compensation of your CEO (and those who directly report to him or her) linked with social and environmental KPIs? *



Does your company monitor, record AND report its energy usage? *


Does your company monitor, record AND report its water usage? *


Does your company monitor, record AND report its level of waste? *


Labour practices

Do you measure the level of satisfaction and engagement of your employees? *


Do you measure the level of diversity of your workforce? *


Consumer issues

Does your company minimise risks of harm to consumers AND communicate publicly on these risks? *


Fair operating practices

Does your company conduct (at least annually) an anonymous satisfaction survey for suppliers? *


Human rights

Has your company undertaken an assessment of its sphere of influence for the purpose of understanding human rights risk levels? *


Community involvement

Does your company have a formal local community program (with allocated resources) in place? *


Do you know the level of spending on local suppliers? *


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